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On of the aims of the MoSS Project is to disseminate information through own multilingual Web-Site. The main language of the Web-Site is English. The basic information of the MoSS Project will be available also in Dutch, Danish, German, Swedish and Finnish.

The Web-Site will be up-dated during the project (2002-2004). There will be available new written information on what is going on, what is going to happen in the near future, what kind of results there have been untill so far and so on. During the project there will be new visual material available at the site.

The Web-Site shall be used as a media for communication between the partners and the general public. As an information and discussion platform the Web-Site shall also serve as a information point to special interest groups, sport divers etc. The public can give feedback - opinions, ideas, questions etc. - about the MoSS Project through the Web-Site. The staff of the project is willing to answer for the questions.

The Web-Site will ensure that the project will be accessible and intelligible to the widest possible audience. The Web-Site aims to ensure that people, wherever they live and whatever their background, enjoy, understand and appreciate underwater cultural heritage. The Web-Site aims to raise public awareness of the range and importance of underwater cultural heritage.

At the Web-Site there are links for the Web-Site of all the museums and institutions of the partners in the MoSS Project. Threr are also links for the sites of the onther institutions who co-operate with the partners, but are not official partners of the MoSS Project.

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