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The Darsser Cog

Documentation of the wreck by digital video cameras.

Documentation of the wreck by the help of digital video cameras and drawings.

Investigations in the MoSS-Project

The detailed investigation of the Darsser Cog will be the main task of the German project group. Geophysical investigations and aerial photographs will be used to obtain detailed information about the wreck site and its surroundings. The whole wreck will be excavated and documented in three steps by using video, photography, and drawings. It will also be recorded by photogrammetry. The environment of the wreck will be documented by a datalogger and analyzed by methods used in natural science. Data in different biological and geological archives may be used as well. The detailed documentation and analysis of the wreck will probably enable us to study how salt content and currents influence the shipworm's distribution. Hopefully, the results of the project help us to develop methods for saving wooden wrecks from Teredo navalis.

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