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The Darsser Cog

The portside of the Darsser Cog. A computer generated photo mosaic.

The Darsser Cog

In 1977, rescue swimmers located a wreck and informed the Museum for Seafaring in Rostock. The wreck lies at a depth of 6 metres and it is situated in the estuary of the Prerowstrom. Prerowstrom was a natural canal that connected the Baltic Sea and the Barther Bodden until it was filled up by sedimentation during a storm tide at the end of the 19th century. The ship was 23 metres long and it was built of oak. It is dated to the late 13th century by dendrochronology (between 1277 and 1293). The analysis of the wood samples from the planks leads us to assume that the ship was built in the region of the Weichsel estuary.

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