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The Darsser Cog

The starboard side is completely preserved. Even the uppermost plank strake is visible.

The forward quarter with the keel/stem construction and the first frames.

State of preservation

The wreck is still exceptionally well preserved. However, it is endangered by human activities such as net fishing and sport diving, and it is in jeopardy because of the shipworm, too. The wreck was covered by silty sediment shortly after its sinking, which is the reason for the good state of preservation. Especially the starboard side is embedded in silty material, and 14 planks of this part of the ship are preserved. In other words, the starboard side is nearly complete. The keel, the stem, and parts of the deck beams are preserved as well. The Darsser Cog gives us a great opportunity to get information about the constructional details of a ship of this kind.

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