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Posters and Folders


The project includes posters. Each of the participating country will have a poster of its own, but the posters' style and format will be of the same kind. The posters will be printed in the summer of 2002. There will be 100 copies of each poster, the total number of copies being then 500. Together, the five posters form a mini exhibition of the project. The posters can also be used separately. In each poster there will be a general description of the project as a whole both in English and in the local language. In addition to this, each poster will have a more detailed description of the local project with a summary in English.

The five different posters are:

  • The project in Finland (the wreck site of the Vrouw Maria)
  • The project in Germany (the wreck site of the Darsser Kogge)
  • The project in the Netherlands (the wreck site of the Burgzand Noord 10)
  • The project in Sweden (the wreck site of the Eric Nordevall, and the visualizing theme)
  • The monitoring project (the responsibility of the United Kingdom)


The project includes folders. Each project or theme that has a poster will also have a folder. Of each of the folders there will be 2000 copies, the total number of copies being then 10 000. The folders will be printed in the summer of 2002.

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