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Publication for the general public

The publication for the general public will be a soft cover version. The photos, drawings, and images will be in colours and in black-and-white. The publication will be multilingual so that it is accessible and intelligible to as many people as possible. The publication is in English with summaries (maximum 2 x A4 pages) in Dutch, Finnish, German, and Swedish. The publication is aimed for children and young people. The Mary Rose Archaeological Services Ltd is responsible for producing the publication but each of the participating countries will produce material and arrange translations.

The publication will give information about the value and vulnerability of underwater cultural heritage and about the shipwrecks and their significance as a part of the common European history. The book shall use the sample shipwreck sites as examples to display and highlight the cultural diversity and international background of maritime history. The publication will tell the stories of the different shipwreck sites in the project and the stories of captains, ship boys, naval soldiers and seamen who worked and lived abroad the ships.

The publication will be published in the spring of 2004.

Registration period for the Portsmouth Seminar over.