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Chosen Actions
  • Culture 2000 programme and the "Chosen Actions"
  • Chosen Action 1 Organising initiatives for the exchange of experience (both academic and practical) and the further training of professionals
  • Chosen Action 2 Promoting elements of the heritage concerned
  • Chosen Action 3 Organising research projects, organising projects to raise public awareness, and teaching and disseminating knowledge
  • Chosen Action 4 The adapted and innovative use of new technologies to the benefit of the participants, the users and the general public
  • Chosen Action 5 Producing educational books, guides, audio-visual documentaries and multimedia products that aim to illustrate the theme of the agreement

Culture 2000 programme and the "Chosen Actions"

One of the aims of the MoSS Project and the Culture 2000 Programme is to develop and strengthen co-operation between European cultural operators in a structured and long lasting way. The aim of the Chosen Actions is to gain this objective. When the Application of our project was written in the winter and spring of 2001 we chose Actions that were listed in the call for application of the Culture 2000 Programme for the year 2001. The list had seven different actions and at least four of them had to be chosen. The MoSS Project chose five actions, which are now the Chosen Actions of the project. The five Chosen Actions are:

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